By Walter Levin

The Kid Who Went To The MoonJames Gibson is 12 years old and only needs $2 million to convince NASA to let him go to the moon. It's not a regular thing for a kid to get $2 million. But James is no ordinary kid. Follow his adventure ... from getting his weekly swirly in the school toilet from the neighborhood bully ... all the way into outer space ... in this exciting new novel, The Kid Who Went To The Moon.



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My name is James Gibson, and I’ve always been fascinated by space travel. All my life, I’ve been writing to NASA, asking them to send me into space instead of the monkeys they kept sending. When I saw space on TV, I thought it would be cool to go there, since no kid has ever been. But I never really got an answer. Until one day…I woke up from a nap as my phone buzzed in my back pocket. My older sister, Sydney, made a face. “Ew! You farted!” “Did not!” I said. I checked my phone and thought I was hallucinating. I actually had an email response from NASA! I opened the email to read…a big NO. They also wrote, “Stop emailing us, you bum.” Well, that didn’t go too well. But if they thought that their answer would put an end to my dream, they were one hundred percent WRONG. I knew that someday I would go to the moon, or even to another planet ...

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What People Are Saying About 'The Kid Who Went To The Moon'

"I'm so impressed with the imagination and storytelling ability of this young man! His tale would make a perfect Phineas & Ferb adventure! If we're still around in a few years I'd happily give him a job, (Heck, let's be honest, I'll probably be asking him for a job)."
—Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Co-creator of Phineas & Ferb™

"The Kid Who Went To The Moon is the funniest thing I've read since Dan Gutman's hilarious My Weird School series."
—Dan Gutman, best selling author of the My Weird School series


Walter LevinWalter Levin lives in Irvine, California with his parents, his brother, his two sisters, Bart the parakeet, and his two guinea pigs. In addition to writing books, Walter is an accomplished athlete. He finished his first 10K at age eight and took his black belt in tae kwan do at age ten. He can also unicycle! Walter wrote his first book, The Kid Who Went To The Moon, at age eleven.

To contact Walter Levin, email him at walterlevin11@gmail.com.

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